Saturday, 15 November 2014

Swappen auf Deutsch

I love swaps and it is always a lot of fun to take part. This is my first time to participate in the "Swappen auf Deutsch" and it was/is great fun. There are so many talented ladies in this group that it is a pleasure to watch the progress.

Hating that moment being finished and someone asking "is this meant to be like that?" pointing out a mistake. Fixed and ready for quilting if my Partner likes it. #swappen

The swap is still not finished but there is so much coming up the next weeks so I had a "quick" go on this one. No, it was not that straight forward. I made a lot of silly mistakes that had cost a lot of time (sewing the binding to the inside for example) but I made it. One thing my partner wanted was color, so no boring monocromatic pillow or bag. I digged deep into my stash and tried to use all different scraps. I hope she is happy with me using lots of grey on the background to keep it calm. 

Ready to stitch the binding tonight at chess. #swappenaufdeutsch

The final border around is made out of linen. The quilting was lots of fun. I used 4 different colors in 8 sections. The center and the border I left free of quilting. I like a little bit of fluffyness.

The glasses attrected the most people commenting and I am glad I put this little bit of cheekyness in. i think I can reveal the secret that I made a pillow for my partner. For the back I used the envelope method using the same linen I had at the front. I am still not sure if you can make this out of one fabric (single layer) or double it (two layers) but as I put the left over HST in the upper part I anyway needed an other layer to hide the seams. I only did some straight line quilting to keep it the HST in place.

Sometimes I forget to think like stitching down the binding per hand is actually really not a good idea so after 2 hours I sat down on the machine again to secure it. I love the red border and lucky me the thread I got at the Irish Retreat matched perfectly! Thanks again for the goody bag.

I can keep this pillow for an other week until it is travelling into its new home. I hope my partner will be happy with it. It was a great pleasure to make this for a special person!

Pattern: "Big Fat Beauty"
Size: 19'' square
Fabric: scraps in rainbow color

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