Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mittens are done

I am delighted that I a long time UFO is done. The evenings are getting colder and the sund (if she is ever out these days) is gone in the early afternoon. This time I usually start knitting again and enjoy it a lot BUT there have been those mittens. I bought the pattern last year somewhen and started short after. It also did not take long and I put them to the side and so they were lefter there.

I did  not like them at all so I ripped them. I started new and really wanted to have them finished. I was challenged by Leonie this month as well so I sat down knitting. I love knitting but it was really hard to keep track on the pattern. I was lucky not to lose the line and only had to rip once and now they are done!


I am happy they are finished! It is done! I am not happy with the look but they will keep my fingers warm. I will put them in my bag so just in case the days get colder I am sorted. Thanks Leonie for the challenge! 

I am already working on a second (long time overdue) finish and "only" have to burry all the threads (I did not count them but there are quite a lot).  


  1. Those mittens look lovely and warm, but a challenging pattern! Well done!!

  2. They are gorgeous! well done for finishing them!

  3. Fabulous cosy mittens. Could use them today it's just 2 degrees today.