Monday, 17 November 2014

Scrappy Tuesday

Last time I used my last bits of scull fabric to finish the pj bottom from my son. I have to commit the scrap was a little bigger than the ones you can find in my box. I promised the next time I will show you a tiny scrap project I am working on.

Scraptastic Tuesday

I am going to make a pillow again. I am using rainbow scraps to make stars. The center star is going to be yellow and red, green, blue and what else I can find will be arranged in a cirle around. To get the measurements right the hexagon and the triangles have a side length of 1.5''. These are quite tiny.

I did not count the triangles needed so far. I will use whitish farbics and low volume to keep it not to busy with all those tiny pieces. The scraps for the red star are already out so no more excuses!

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