Monday, 7 June 2010


Now almost one year has passed since we moved to Ireland. One year ago I was the one who had to pack all our stuff into boxes. The rest had to fit our bags (even if there are still some things at my former neighbour - thank you so much). 
Since we are here now some days have been wounderful and full of joy. We have seen some wounderful places when we travelled around. The weather was much better than I heard so many times when I asked how it will be the next weeks. Sometimes when irish people tell me what the weather will be the next month I would love to run off. But most of the time Ireland was good to us and showed us its best side. We met new people and sometimes it looked like for every new friend we lose an old one. We will be very happy to meet some of our friends this summer again. 
But these days we had to say good bye to a family who was here for one year. They arrived some weeks before us. They went back to the US this weekend and it made me really sad. Their son was a friend of our son and sometimes he was at our house where both enjoyed playing Lego. My daughter and I sometimes visited the Mum in the morning. It was so nice there. I hope they had a not to stressful travell and are glad to be back in their own beds in their own house! 

I hope we will meet you again some day and you will go on writing your blog even if you are no longer on an adventure in Ireland!


  1. ein jahr schon. wow. ist dir die zeit schnell vorgekommen?

    liebe grüße
    dat subbie

  2. Ja, es ist nun fast ein Jahr vergangen mit Hoehen und Tiefen.
    Der Anfang war ohne Auto schwer, aber seit wir mobil sind und uns Irland seine schoensten Seiten zeigt, ist es einfach toll! Sprachschwierigkeiten werden jeden Tag weniger und auch so manche Freundschaft bahnt sich ihren Weg.

    So laesst es sich leben :)