Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Almost Halftime

In January I decided to get rid of my Cabbage fabrics and what could be better than to use them for Bee Blessed blocks. Just because they are not my taste does not mean someone else might not love them. So each month I wanted to make a block to be part of a lovely quilt. I just sent of the last blocks before I go on summer break.

I would have loved to show you all the blocks I made so far but guess what: I did not make pictures! I know they have all arrived and I also found most of them in quilts already donated. I love being part of it!


  1. Ha! Your cabbages are blending in well with our scrappy blocks. Hope it's nearly all used up for you now!

  2. You are such a monkey! You didn't take photos? What's important is they've arrived in Belfast. This one is a beauty!

  3. Bee Blessed is so lucky to have your support.