Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Love being Queen

This is my month in the Modern Stitching Bee. At the beginning of the month I told the lovely ladies already what I want them to make and I already received the gorgeous blocks from Sarah. I also promised to write a short tutorial so here it is. This is the block I was asking for: lots of HST

I am asking for either a fussy cut center or a center made of HST in one main color. To make the center block finishing 4.5'' I used a 4.5'' fussy cut and 4 2.5'' low volume fabrics. I added the low volume to two corners, sew along the middle line, cut back the seam allowance and pressed.

I repeated this steps for the other two corners and the center block is done. The rest is lots of chain piecing and at the end: trimming! To make the block you will need

8 2.5’’ LV squares
4 2.5’’ 2-colored HST
20 2.5’’ HST color/LV

There are many ways out there how to make HST. For this block I preferred to cut 3'' squares. I put a low volume square and a color fabric square right sides together and sew on the right and left side of the diagonal line, which I usually draw on the back of one fabric.

Then you cut on the line and press the block. Unfortunately now comes the ugly part: Trimming!

This is absolutely no fun and I am so thankful to have the lovely ladies from the Bee to help me. I designed (I am sure out there might be a name for this block but this is what we were drawing) this block together with my girl and it is going to be her quilt when it is finished so I really appreciate the help.
So lets arrange all those gorgeous HSTs
This is the step I usually make at least one mistake (and I did on both sample blocks), so I decided for all the other blocks I have to slow down. I really sew the first row two and two pieces together and lay them out again. After checking I finish the first line. After I go on to the next line until I have the block done

The terrible part is the trimming other the block is straight forward. I love it and hope my bee ladies are not mad at me now and can enjoy the sewing a little.


  1. We couldn't be mad at you, you are too nice! They are very pretty blocks and I hope you get a quilt your daughter will love.

  2. Oh joy - HSTs and lots of them! ;-) It's a beautiful block. I might have to wait for the weather to cool before I attempt these.

  3. I think this will be a really pretty quilt.

  4. This will be beautiful! Your poor bee mates :) Let's hope they don't boot you out of the bee with that many HSTs!

  5. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!