Thursday, 26 June 2014

Last day in School

Today is the last school day and in approximately 45 minutes the summer holiday 2014 officially starts. It was not a nice ending as there have been some new rules for the next year. So fingers crossed those things can be sorted.
Anyway it was time to think about a little teacher gift but I do not want to be Mum number 29 to bring in chocolate. My little ones teacher had a hard job helping her through the year and she always loved the sewing my little one brought in. So why not make her something she could use? Teachers always need pencil cases and Aylin has this gorgeous "Schlafmäppchen" on her blog I always wanted to try.

One of the difficulties my little girl had was reading. lucky me I got a fabric with lots of text. The newspaper fabric is perfect therefore and maybe next year an other child is going to read on this pouch (I already found the word SCHOOL).

I love the curve and the unique style. Even hiding the edge of the fabric on the bottom worked out really nice. The big zip makes opening and closing very easy.

There is plenty of space to keep all those pencils and stuff you need in place. This time it is not filled with stationery and I could not resist to pack in some sweets. My little girl was very proud to bring it to school this morning and I hope her teacher will remember her in a good way.

Next year an other teacher will have the pleasure to teach her but the older she gets the more she listens. It is hard to say good bye!


  1. Love it! I made my daughter her own pencil case last year for school and she absolutely loved it

  2. This is a perfect teacher present and will be a lovely reminder of your little girl. A teacher friend of mine told me once she learnt a lot from the children who need extra help and it made her a better teacher :)

  3. Looks gorgeous, just right for teacher!

  4. It is a lovely teachers gift and good that your daughter had a teacher who worked well with her.

  5. Really nice. I like the shape too, very different!