Saturday, 7 June 2014

Short trip to Italy

The last weeks of the school year started and somehow this is a busy time. My girl wanted to go to Italy again, meeting friends and take part in a dancing competition. So we went to Milan again. Thank goodness it was not as hot as last year. First stop Friday was climbing the stairs up to the top of the Duomo. It is so beautiful! Going down we counted the stairs and it is something between 160 and 165. If you are lazy, no worries, you can go up with an elevator!

Looks like they are still renovating the same part but it is anyways to hot up there so we went back down and sat in the cool shadow. Behind the Duomo starts the shopping mile. There are only few shops we went in like the Disney store but window shopping can be nice too.

Saturday was all about the dancing. Unfortunately nothing went right so instead of having a lovely shopping afternoon we sat there till the evening. We were just happy when we could leave the hall and have some dinner. So Sunday was only to relax. We went down to the Canals - Navigli.

You can find lots of artists there and some shops are really gorgeous like this one from madame gioia. I just loved to look around in her shop. I found quilts and linen and so many other little goodies. Those chicken are just adorable (no, the suitcases were already filled by my girl but one of them made the way to Vienna)

The last stop on Monday before we had to head of to the airport was again the Duomo. It is always sad to say good bye to our friends. We hope to meet them again soon and maybe it is time we have a stop in Vienna this summer.

The weekend went by so fast but it was a wonderful time again. Somehow it felt strange when the guy at the pass control said "Welcome back" but here we were again: back in cloudy, low temperature but not rainy Ireland!


  1. Looks so nice. I will go there someday.

  2. It has been over half a lifetime since I was in Milan and I climbed to the top too. It is a must do experience. Looks like you had a fab weekend and nice if you do these dance competitions that they are in great places!