Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Finish it up

It took a long time until this UFO finally is done and can be strike through. I am so happy as this block was one of my favorites: a spiderweb! But it was not just a spiderweb block, it was the generous Rhonda who sent me the templates to make it.

I had this block two times on my FAL list (or was it more?) and did not even touch them after making the shot. So it was time! I sat down one morning when I finished Bee blocks and started sewing. It is so easy and it does not take long until you have a finished block.

The ripping took longer. With the school year almost finished and this gorgeous heat wave here in Ireland there is no time in the afternoon. Of to the beach and building sand castles, swimming (not me!) and enjoying ice cream was much more important. I did take my hexagons with me and finished an other 2 but that was all the sewing I did! Anyway the mornings are cool and I had enough time to rip of the paper and put a border on the block. I changed my mind three times but at the end I used a lovely aqua where I had enough to also use it for the back.

I never read about how to finish a pillow nicely but I do not like to have the fabric edges to be seen (does that make sense?). For putting in a zipper I know how to hide those edges quite good but for the envelope finish I have no clue how to do it properly. Therefore I just attached a binding and now there is no more fraying fabrics.

This pillow is on the way to someone special and I know she used to read the blog so for now I can not show any more pictures. It will not take long and I can show you this gorgeous pillow.

This is an other FAL finish and I am so happy it is done! I love it and hope she does as well!


  1. Yay! looks lovely from what you've shown. I'm with you - I don't do the Atlantic - way too cold!

  2. The sneaky peeks look good.

  3. Your colour choices look amazing!

  4. SHOW US! oh, come on and show us. It' looks beautiful from the fabrics we can see.

  5. Lovely quilting! And nice colour. I want see the whole cushion too!