Tuesday, 14 October 2014

FAL Q4 "the list"

It is always the big question which of the projects do you take to the next quarter and which would be better left out?!? Making a list is always a good way to look around in the sewing room and think of what has to be done ... let me say it ... until Christmas! ... or before 2015 hits you!

Finish Along 2014
So time to write the list:

1. Hexagon-Quilt
I got the background and am ready to start
2. Flying Geese Block
I used most of these fabrics to make a trial block which needs to be turned into something useful
3. Embroidery
This is my work when my little ones does her homework. Stitch Along at http://www.lilipopo.co.uk/ 
4. Gloves
I want to give this pattern an other try. Hopefully I will not have freezing fingers in winter

5.  PJs for my little one
The bottom one is done and now getting ready for the trial run for the top. These are the fabrics for the finished PJs
7. Modern Stitching Bee Quilt
I am waiting for two more blocks and need to make lots of HSTs for the border
This list is long enough to keep me working and short enough to have success (I might be dreaming but sometimes you need to get out of your comfy box). So fingers crossed it will all work out fine and I will have two cosy quilts either to give away or to snuggle in at Christmas!


  1. It is an ambitious list but you have 3 months to complete it, i am you will get a lot on it done.

  2. My favourite is #7 - it is going to be so beautiful.

  3. Good luck with the list.... I love the Lilipopo girl and need to start one too.

  4. Great list of projects - the Flying Geese block sounds lovely!