Thursday, 30 October 2014

Flying Geese Bee

Not a long time ago Kat asked if we know a Bee and about our experience. We all had good and bad things to tell about Bees and how to find one but somehow it ended all different. Some of us liked the idea of a flying geese quilt and so she just opened a Flying Geese Bee. This bee is totally differnt to the ones I did till now. First of all we are all together in one group and second we do only have one deadline: 1st October 2015! Right, there is no monthly deadline! We can sew whenever we want and send them when we are finished. There is one more rule: the block has to include flying geese. I did already start drawing weeks ago and Kat was so nice to check my measurements. I am asking for 4 quarters of my block.

I am aksing the ladies to make me four of those blocks each in one color and with Low Volume as background. I send out a paper template for the ones who want to do paper piecing and an instructions including measurements for the others. Today I just used the midterm break to test some blocks for the others. Three of the ladies are asking for "Geese in the Forest". This is my first block for May. She asked for purple and emerald on a white(ish) background.

This will be an amazing quilt. Each of the blocks measure 6'' and I think she is planing on 100 blocks. With our help there will still be a lot of work for her to do.
An other block I tried today was for Kat. She chose the Remixed Geese Pattern. We were emailing the last days like mad talking about fabris and I know she fell in love with my red safety pin fabric (if anyone knows where to get more I would appreciate it as I am sad this fabric is all used up now). She allowed me to go crazy and there was only one rule: no spiders! Oh I would have had so cute Halloween fabrics!

I had great fun making them. First I used my loved safety pin fabric to pin the sheep. Can you see them playing hide and seek as well? Or is it catch me? I just love them. A little bit more fun gave the pigeon fabric (Don't let the pigeon drive the bus). I love her speech bubbles. Last one for today I used my words fabric which I think is perfect. I tried to fussy cut the words: wisch, love, giggle and the heart. I am sure this will be such a fun quilt


  1. The sheep are adorable! I've been lucky with Bee's and swaps in general with the exception of 1 which is not bad going given how many I've taken part in! Making for someone else adds a little bit more pressure sometimes though.

  2. I so love the blocks you made for me THANK YOU !!!