Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mum, you promised ...

Children are really good in remembering what you might promised in a weak moment and remind you ever and ever again until .. yes, until you keep your promise. So on our vacation we went to one of those fabric shops where you might have trouble finding the exit and believe me you find lots of fabric you need to have there too. The girls were in heaven when we went in the jersey section. My little one has already seen a beanie in an other shop she would like to have so why not add some more fabric to make PJs. This week I was without a cutter and this was the best time to get moving and use the scissors. I found a pattern which looked nice and as my girl easily fits in adult size I gave it a go. I used a fabric I do not even know why I bought it and made a trial pant.


When she came home from school I only had to finish the length and the waistband. This was done in 5 minutes and it was hard to get the pants back to wash them. She absolutely loves them and did not even bother about the fabric. Of course I did I also make the "real" pants for her and as it is really easy I also tried the pants for the little one using an other pattern. I did not know how long it takes to overlock three seams so lunch had to wait a little longer this day.

Pjs for the girls
The pants for my older girl fits her perfectly and she can not wait to use them (when the other one is in the washing) but the ones for mini were not as successful. Much to long and wide even if I skipped the seam allowance again and used the pattern in her measure range. The "real" ones have to be  less wide and without the adding in the length. She still is happy with her new pj's but I am sure the real ones will be much better. Hopefully the pattern for the shirt will fit them much better as the fabric is slowly running out.


It is nice to make something different and have some happy faces in the house. Even my son asked to get one as well. Anyway I am already drawing a new block for a bee just made out of friends and totally different rules. Actually there is only one rule: the block has to have flying geese in it. I can not wait to make a trial block!


  1. They are just so cute! Lucky girls.

  2. Die Pyjamahosen sind aber schön geworden! Das ist ja ein ganz süßer Stoff. Dass die Schnitte manchmal nicht so optimal passen, ist schade - aber trotzdem sieht das toll aus!