Tuesday, 21 October 2014

long time promise

Did you ever the last month recognise that you made something and when you want to put it on the list which is long overdue you can not find it on the blog? How could this happen? So let's start in the beginning. I made a pillow for my little girl for school - yes, they want to sit comfy too - but she was disappointed because a) an other girl had a much bigger one and b) I made a huge cushion for her sister (and brother) already and she wanted one as well!

I had a great helper for this project and I love to take my girl with me when selecting fabrics. She is the best and it was a lovely day as well. We both headed off with Rainbow Dash (one of "my little pony" toys) in the bag and some fabric to get hunting for more. The pattern we chose was from liljabs. I have never done a pattern with so many tiny pieces before but who never tries will never know. I have to say it comes together quite easy!

It was really amazing seeing this picture coming together. I never thought it is possible to make the eye out of so many little tiny pieces but it worked. I made a huge mess under the table cutting the fabrics when sewing but who cares! After two sewing days it was time to finish the top and border it with the farbics my little one chose some time ago.

this top is already lying on a pillow and not wonky
The next step was to give Rainbow Dash a face and do some quilting. I love how she looks. A little cheeky smile! A real beauty and what a lovely surprise for my little one when she came home from school.

There was only one more thing to be done: Rainbow Dash has a little star on her back and when I was told she is not finished until this star is stitched down as well. I had to follow that order!

Twilight sparkle pillow
It was a huge success and my little girl now has her own huge pillow! It is not for school but for her bed. She is sitting there every evening reading stories to her loved pets. The best way to encourage her reading!


  1. That cushion would be any little girls dream.

  2. I am SO not showing this to my little/big girl or I'll be having to make a Fluttershy one!! Very lovely and well done on those tiny pieces!!