Thursday, 23 October 2014

Test PJs

Some days ago I already made the PJ bottoms and the children love them. The ones for my girl were fine while the one for my little one was to big. Yesterday I used the half morning to get ready and cut lots of fabrics. The plan was to make the bottoms for my little girl in the fabric she chose in Austria and my son also wanted one. What a surprise he wanted me to sew something. Additonal I wanted to make the test run for the top.

Early in the morning after breakfast I started to set up the sewing machine and getting ready to sew. Sewing jersey is really not one of my favorites and I have to say even if there are only a handful of seams  on the bottoms I was delighted when it was done. I used an overlock stitch from my sewing machine and it is terrible slow. Absolutely boring!

I had some black and white jersey in my stash from ages ago but it is super soft. I already made my son a top out of that fabric and I love it. To add a little extra I used some of the leftover sculls from his quilt. I love how the sculls finish the leg and the cotton gives it a little more structure as well.

After the boring part the fun could start. I desided to make the tops for the girls paralell. There was not much time left until the school finishes so time management was important. I did lots of pinning so I could press the pedal a little harder and speed through the seams. When my little girl came from school I was almost finished. Only two seams!

top with red sleves for my girl
With the sewing machine still on the table and making pancakes I tried to add the last elastic bands measuring on the children while wearing the pants and tops. After an other 30 minutes it was done! Two trial tops and two bottoms finished! And guess what!? They are already taken to be tested for sleep!

top with pink sleves for my little one matching the trouser
You do not need always tiny scraps to go scrappy. Sometimes an unwanted fabric can be  the perfect scrap to use to test a pattern or if the fabric is a little short to lengthen it. I am glad the children love their new pjs and it will be a pleasure to make the tops with the treasure they got in Austria. I am glad the fabric for the top is finally all used and no longer hiding in the corner. Linking up with Nicky and Leanne!


  1. Great way to add contrast and use up those scraps Aneeliese! Thank you for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday

  2. Love the skulls! I'd wear them myself!

  3. Fab makes, Annaliese! Those PJs are soo good, and I am sure you will be making more! Consider flannel for warmth, and definitely try using that walking foot for jersey fabrics! You may have a new career in PJ making....

  4. These are absolutely adorable!! I've had a pattern for pj pants for quite awhile now. Now I'm going to get it out and make some! I hope they're as cute as yours! XX!