Friday, 2 November 2012

#quiltphoto (kids)

It was an exciting day. First we opened the parcel from courtiepie with my tote bag. Yes, it arrived but you have to wait until tomorrow as I did not take any pictures today. Courtney did a great job. After so many times saying "I love rainbows" I finally got my own. Not only the bag has all the colors on the front she also made such a lovely key fob with my name on it. No, it is my real name and she did not stitch "cheeky monkey" *gg* We took the bag and went off to town. So the bag had a lovely walk with us trough Galway.

Key Fob
can you see my little rainbow? It is mine and I will not share it with the kids
The kids had a short photo shoot in town and after they just wanted to go home. My son bought the new Skylander Giants. He was saving for weeks and now he got enough money to buy the booster pack for the WII. He was so excited. He just had to wait. It was the sisters turn first on the WII and while they were playing the little one fell asleep. 

#quiltphoto (kids)

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see your tote (mine arrived too!) and I love those 2 photos!