Saturday, 3 November 2012

#quiltphoto (rolled up)

It is not nice if you have to get out of bed early on a Saturday to bring your son to the bus but it is less nice if your car looks like this ...

It was terrible freezing cold and it hail started as soon as we started driving down to the pitch. At least the bus was on time leaving and almost in time coming back. They boys had a great game and they did not care about the weather. Just the coaches looked a little frozen.
So we did not want to leave the house (except picking up my son again) and did a little crafting at home. Since my little one has seen the gorgeous videos she always wants to make them. This was a good day to do so before we go back and rolled ourselves in cosy blankets and watch a movie ...

#quiltphot (rolled up) before we got rolled in 

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