Friday, 2 September 2011

Last days before the school starts ....

Now there is only the weekend left and than the school starts again. For the big kids that's nothing new but this year my little girls will start at the Junior Infants. She is so excited and can't wait until the school starts! The last days we bought her tie and she did not want to take it off anymore ... isn't that cute?
Actually I don't know how the kids start school on Monday when I have a look at the building. In summer they started to build a 2nd floor so the prefabs will be gone soon.

Looks good does it? I am sure they will not be finished until Monday but we knew that they will have to work until Christmas. So my son will still have three month in the prefabs until they can change to the building. I hope they won't freeze when it's getting cold - actually it is cold and I am freezing!

Also the yard doesn't look nice so they can't use the last warm days out and run around. But in the end we all hope they have a wonderful school :)

I am also still working on the give away and I am so sorry that it takes an other week but I had to arrange all the school books and that was not so easy this year (and there are still two missing). I also joined the Goodie Swap from Fluffy Sheep and because I have to make a mug rug one of the give aways will be a Mug Rug :) At the moment I find it really hard to think about a pattern. I found so many beautiful Mug Rugs that it is hard to choose a style. But next week I will do a little shopping and start both things!


  1. How did it go on the first day of school? Are they still in a construction site?

  2. The first day did go very well for all of them! They are just happy to see all the friends again.

    The newsletter said that the prefabs will be gone after Halloween. So we will see if they can make it. My son is excited to have his new classroom in the first floor from than one.