Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stash Bee September ...

Finally I am Bee Queen for the first time for the Stash Bee Hive #2. I was thinking a long time and had a couple ideas (ie the wonky star which we already did) but finally I decided for you to make "Converging Corners". This block is simple but also a bit tricky. I failed two times :)

This was one of my examples I made for you to show what I want you to do. I don't want to give you lots of measurements. Just use what works right for you. I want you to make a finished block size 12.5'' and use Kona white. If you have please use modern fabrics and please don't use just dark colors. Make it a bright and shiny block If you need an excuse: please go shopping ;) I am sure you will find the right fabrics in your stash.

And now how to make it:
For the center you can chose if you want to use a white block or colored. If you chose to use a colored block, please round it with a white border (as you see in my block). The color does not need to be in the center at the end. It it turns out wonky that is fine. Here you can see my examples (just to say it is a coincident that I always used the same fabric for the corner) ...

The block is easy to make:
I started to look for stripes I want to use and arranged them on a white fabric. The stripes should be different sizes. You don't need to use the same fabrics for both corner sides. There is no need to keep the corner in one color range.

After I prepared the stripes and sew a peace of white fabric to the end of the stripes, I laid them down again so that I could check and don't get mixed up (what I always do). In that block I used a white center about 4.5''.

Than I started to sew around. First I took the top stripe and the bottom one and sew them to the center block. I press the seam outside but feel free to press the seams open. Trim the block you made and go on sewing the stripes to the sides. You have finished your first round.

Repeat this until your block sizes 12.5''. I most of the time ended with two or four rounds. You don't need to have the same number of corners on both sides (ie end up one corner with 2 and the other with 4 rounds). I always used stripes between 1'' to 2''. Feel free to use smaller stripes or maybe up to 2.5'' if that suits you better. Just take care that the outer corner is bigger than the inner. That was my mistake on the green block as you can see ....

You also can look at this tutorial. If you have any questions just email me:

I hope you have fun making the block :)

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